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Position report technique


Yacht automatically sends all position report are called "beacon text" * sent, as required by VHF 2m 144.800 MHz and text messages / messages. Content example "Anchor in a beautiful bay on Lefkas."

See also APRS info:  here

 > APRSdroid  für Android:  http://aprsdroid.org/  

 > APRS für iPhone:             https://itunes.apple.com/de/

Achtung:  Bei Eingabe von Symbol bitte beachten:    /Y  für  Segelyacht     /s  für Motorboot 


2. PSKmail APRS

Yacht sends automatically or manually via PSKmail APRS position report on the frequencies of PSKmail server. In addition, text messages, course, speed and weather board.

APRS message (message) to the online window in Internet INTERMAR please contact the Call: DL0IMA

See website www.pskmail.de

3. Pactor / Airmail only for licensed radio amateurs

Yacht sends approximately every 24 hours manually position a message via shortwave *. Pactor relays. (Link) * to Winlink. Text messages / messages as "Comments" (as above) sent. Contents as above.

See Link   www.winlink.org

See website for Rüdiger deer DJ9UE www.sy-kaya.de

4. Pactor / Sailmail for non-radio amateurs

Yacht sends approximately every 24 hours manually send a position report as email: posreport@intermar-ev.de via shortwave to Sail mail relays or other providers such as Kielradio.
Text messages are called "Comment" (as above) sent. Filter as above. Please call: SY-MONA eg sailing yacht Yacht name MY-HAI motor yacht Yacht name (mandatory SY (yacht) MY (motor yacht) and uppercase letters). Please note the minus sign "-" must not be forgotten.

See web winlink  www.winlink.org

See web Sailmail  www.sailmail.com


Yacht prior to departure to send email: yacht mail ... Intermar-ev.de with departure time, position, destination, average speed. INTERMAR transmits this data manually, system automatically plots. Note: possible way send more about Relay Pos INTERMAR case.

Warning (valid for 1 - 5): Always at the port of arrival or last PosReport Submit Report. Otherwise, the last sent position off the coast remains nine days on the map!

Position report as normal "email"


To: posreport@intermar-ev.de
Subject: position report

Call: SY-Fun (max 9 characters such as SY-ABCDEF)
Date: 30/10/2005
Time: 13:16
Latitude: 49 ° 08:44 'N (Please sign as free)
Longitude: 007 ° 32.30 'E (Please sign as free)
Comment: We are traveling to the Canary Islands (as new)
Bearing: 0
Speed​​: 5
Wind: NE
Wind Speed​​: 3

Note: please be sure to enter a space after the colons note!

Again more information:

Mail must be sent as "Plain Text" (plain text)
as some programs do not offer the "HTML" or "RTF" it
(Outlook is by default set to "HTML").

Instructions on how to change the message format in Outlook 2010 can be downloaded as a

document.     instructions

In the development of this interface has been assumed
that Airmail is used as Mial program and the possibility of there
the position reports will be used
(which is automatically set the correct email format).

5. Positionsreport als Direkteingabe über Internetseite  www.yachttrack.org

Über die Taste  Submit Position kann man direkt über die Webseite ein Position eingeben. Alle Schritte durchgehen, Wetter Kurs und Speed nicht erforderlich im Moment.

Yacht track database

So that one is visible on the map, of course, a corresponding entry in our yacht track database is required. Please Yacht Info at:

rolf behnke (@) t-online.de

Specify e-mail letters in the subject necessarily INTERMAR, call or ship name!

Call> amateur radio call
Skipper> Name
Yacht> SY-MY-name or name
Country> eg Germany
Crew> name
Remark> eg circumnavigation
E-mail> ddd@fff.de
Web> www.abdef.de

Please picture of the ship or vessel type (for type we get a picture from the internet)
Everything is then seen in the panel board the yacht,
see location report on our website

73 Rolf DK4XI